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Have an idea? Let's print it.

MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity
Our minimum order quantity starts at 20 units per design for multi-colour prints and embroidery. A 10 unit minimum is applicable for one position, black or white prints only. Within the 20 unit minimum, you can mix up your sizes and colours of garments however you like.

Print Size
We work with large A3 + sized silk screens. Our maximum screen print size depends on your artwork, but it generally tends to sit around 32cm width x 48cm height. We are unable to print over any garment seams. Take a look below for our printing positioning guide.

Supplying Own Stock
You're welcome to supply your own garments. You can have them shipped straight to us. If you're printing on other fabrics other than cotton, it's best to check in with us about the garment before sending them our way. 

Print On Demand
We understand the challenges of managing inventory and predicting the demand for each style. If you can supply your own stock and are considering a pre-order, enquire with us today about this service. 

Holding Screens
For most designs/orders we are happy to hold your screens for up to 1 month after your initial order. After this time a re-setup fee will be charged and our 20 unit minimum is applied.